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Public Domain Map bridges the gap between authoritative government data and volunteered geographic data. Learn how your agency can leverage the power of license-compatible crowdsourced mapping while contributing verified data OpenStreetMap.


Jess Beutler

Jess Beutler is the Program Director at OpenStreetMap US. Her focus is to strengthen and expand the impact and breadth of programs for the OSM US community, such as Mapping for Impact and TeachOSM. Prior to working with OSM US, Jess has led participatory mapping projects and supported OpenStreetMap communities across sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.

Quincy Morgan

Quincy is a mapper, developer, and traveler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently supports community tools and websites as Technical Lead at OpenStreetMap US. Previously, he was a maintainer of the iD editor.

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Public Domain Map

Public Domain Map is a bridge database that lets organizations crowdsource authoritative map data in cases where OpenStreetMap isn’t an option. Mappers can address public data gaps while producing high quality data that is format- and license-compatible with OSM.

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