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January 19–20, 2024

This free virtual conference will feature two days of talks, workshops, networking, and all things OpenStreetMap. Attend from anywhere!


Times are given in Eastern Standard Time. Schedule is subject to change.

Friday, January 19
Time Talk Speaker Abstract
2:00 PM Welcome to Mapping USA Maggie Cawley
2:10 PM Keynote Diane Fritz Hear from OSM US Board President, Diane Fritz, about her experience in this role and in the OSM community.
2:25 PM Break
2:30 PM Mapping forest landcover all over the USA Attila Kun The USA has a large amount of forests. OSM lacked a many of them, however, thanks to many enthusiastic contributors the map has been improving a lot in the recent years.
2:37 PM Feasability of RapiD to complete buildings in Colorado Russell Deffner I have started mapping all buildings in Chaffee County Colorado using the OSM-US Tasking Manager and RapiD. This combination has resulted in a much more 'rapid' inclusion of buildings.
2:44 PM To Be Confirmed
2:51 PM To Be Confirmed
3:00 PM Break
3:10 PM OSM US Program Update Jess Beutler Learn about the latest OSM US program updates, to include Mapping for Impact, the Trails Stewardship Initiative and TeachOSM.
3:25 PM Vector Tiles & DevOps: Streamlining Contributions at OpenStreetMap Americana Brian Sperlongano OpenStreetMap Americana uses DevOps on GitHub to improve the contributor experience. This talk highlights how vector tiles and cloud rendering removes barriers for contributors and maintainers alike.
3:35 PM BetaNYC’s Mapping for Equity on OSM - Project Update! Dimitri Mimy BetaNYC’s Innovation Fellows, undergraduate students, have created a public space data playbook that empowers communities & individuals to collect, verify, and analyze public realm data.
3:45 PM Open Mapping at Meta the Meta team
3:55 PM Break
4:00 PM Long Island Beach Atlas Ariel Kadouri Making maps with OSM data can be a challenge, what does the data look like and is it ready for prime time? Is it too cold to think about the beach?
4:10 PM OSM US Tech Update Quincy Morgan
4:20 PM OSM Discussion Tracker: Keep track of your changeset discussions Emerson Veenstra OSM Discussion Tracker is a new webapp that provides an easy-to-use yet robust way to keep track of changeset discussions you're involved in.
4:30 PM Break
5:00 PM The OpenStreetMap US Board OSM US Board members Curious about what it is like to serve on the OSM US board? Hear from current board members and envision yourself in the role!
5:12 PM CAMERA GRANT: Nodes in the North Country Matt Gibb Focusing mapping efforts locally in rural New York State. Will provide updates on my approach and progress with Mapillary from the OSM-US Camera Grant Program.
5:18 PM AARoads Wiki: A Case Study Ben Macarell Use of OSM-based Americana maps on AARoads’s new wiki of North American roads highlights inter-community collaboration, well-structured data, and the limitations of existing third-party interfaces
5:24 PM To Be Confirmed
5:30 PM Break
5:35 PM Too many tabs: leveraging sister projects to stay organized Minh Nguyễn We’ve all been there: fixing one little thing leads to a rabbit hole of research. Learn to escape the hole and Keep Mapping Fun by contributing in tandem to OSM, OpenHistoricalMap, Wikidata, and more.
5:41 PM Assisted Road Surface Tagging with Machine Learning Jon Dalrymple I have developed a machine learning architecture that suggests missing road surface tags from overhead imagery. The goal of this project is to assist routing engines where surface data is unknown.
5:47 PM Rapidly mapping the sprawl: How to use municipal GIS data and MapWithAI to import high-quality building footprints Sean Whitcomb I'll explain how I got building footprint data from Scottsdale, AZ's open data portal added to the MapWithAI database, then imported into OSM using the Rapid editor.
5:53 PM To Be Confirmed
6:00 PM Closing Remarks
Saturday, January 20
TimeTrack 1Track 2Track 3
11:00amOSM US Tool TimeImproving the public transport database in OpenStreetMapThe Power of OpenStreetMap: Uniting Voices for community development, Enriching Data, and Fostering Diversity & Inclusion
Quincy MorganDIALLOIbrahim Abdulai Kargbo
Come learn about Field Papers, Public Domain Map, and other OpenStreetMap US tools you can use and contribute to.Improving data in OpenStreetMap aims to add detailed information about public transport networks to make it easier to plan journeys and to create services based on OpenStreetMap data for users.The Power of OpenStreetMap: Uniting Voices for Community Development, Enriching Data, and Fostering Diversity & Inclusion explores OSM's transformative essence, touching on community development
12:00pmMake Your Own Vector Map with OSM AmericanaOverture Maps Birds of a Feather
Clay SmalleyJennings Anderson
Learn how to set up a vector OSM renderer on your own computer and customize it to your liking. Show us your personalized OSM Americana, no coding experience needed!
1:00pmRemote sensing using change detection to determine climate change OSM for Community Wildfire mitigation planning in the Western USOSM data analysis and visualization for beginners
Salifu Mohammed Tim Baileymartijn van exel
The abstract explores how remote sensing, coupled with change detection methods, enables the monitoring of climate change by analyzing shifts in crucial environmental parameters by using OSM softwaresThis presentation will discuss fitness of applications of OSM methods for developing and implementing Community Wildfire Protection Plans in the Western United States. Have you ever wanted to make your own charts and graphs visualizing OSM data contributions? It does not have to be super hard, and you don't need fancy cloud computing power. We'll show you how!
2:00pmOpenHistoricalMap office hoursMapping forest landcover all over the USAThe Rapid Editor: Improve your OSM Mapping
Minh Nguyễn, Jeff Meyer & Richard WeltyAttila KunBenjamin Clark & Edoardo Neerhut
Swing by for help getting started or to strategize about moving the project forward in the U.S. The OHM Advisory Group will be on hand to hear any feedback about how it can better support the project.The USA has a large amount of forests. OSM lacked a many of them, however, thanks to many enthusiastic contributors the map has been improving a lot in the recent years.Recently, the Rapid editor got a new fast renderer, improved its streetview integration, and improved pedestrian workflows. Come check out what's new and see if Rapid might assist you in your mapping!

There is a long way to go to improve OpenStreetMap's sidewalk data. Meta is taking multiple approaches to do this with community collaboration a key component. Find out how you can get involved.
3:00pmEnd of conference

Mapping USA 2024 - Call for Proposals & Registration is Now Open!

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Save the Date for the Next Mapping USA: January 19 & 20, 2024! We’re excited to announce our fourth virtual conference, Mapping USA 2024 coming this January! Cozy up with the OpenStreetMap...

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