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OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative

Jun 10, 2023 · Diane Fritz and Maggie Cawley

Hear about the work of the OSM US Trails Working Group and the plans for the Trails Stewardship Initiative. Round table will be held later in the day.

Trails Stewardship Initiative Update: Pilot & Next Steps

Feb 10, 2023 · OpenStreetMap US Trails Working Group

This blog post is an update on the OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative. For past news and additional information on this initiative, visit Background Public open spaces in the United States...

OpenStreetMap US Trails Initiative

Nov 11, 2022 · Jake Low and Diane Fritz

Jake Low & Diane Fritz provide an update on the Trails Stewardship Initiative at the OSM US annual conference Mapping USA.

OpenStreetMap & Trails: New Collaborations for Responsible Recreation

Aug 21, 2022 · Maggie Cawley

Sparked by concerns about OpenStreetMap’s role in how the public accesses and recreates on protected lands, OpenStreetMap US volunteers, navigation app developers, national agencies and public land managers formed the OpenStreetMap US...

The Trails Working Group is conducting a pilot tagging project!

May 17, 2022 · OpenStreetMap US Trails Working Group

Background You may have seen an announcement in a previous blog post about the existence of the OpenStreetMap US Trails Working Group. This growing collaboration of OSM mappers, land managers and navigational...

Maggie Cawley on the Nowhere Podcast

May 12, 2022 · Maggie Cawley and Jonathan Neufeld

Hear from Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of OpenStreetMap US, about her encounter with federal land managers who weren’t happy about traffic on their land and how her team developed a solution that benefitted the avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts while protecting sensitive or conservation areas.

Sanctioned Trails, Social Trails, and Statistics

Apr 2, 2022 · Chad Blevins and Daniel Castro

In late 2021 the Trails Working Group was formed bringing together stakeholders to improve trail tagging throughout the US to reduce traffic on “social trails” or trails whose use is discouraged or...

Introduction to the U.S. Trails Working Group

Apr 1, 2022 · Diane Fritz

This talk is a quick overview of the concerns that led to the formation of the U.S. Trails Working Group (TWG), the structure of the group, and the topics the group is...

Unofficial Trails in OpenStreetMap in New York: Metrics & Analysis

Feb 26, 2022 · Kevin Kenny

In this presentation from the OSM US Trails Working Group, Kevin Kenny shares metrics & analysis of unofficial trails in New York mapped in OpenStreetMap. Formed in October 2021, Trails Working Group...

OpenStreetMap Tagging: A Crash Course

Feb 26, 2022 · Jake Low

In this presentation from the OSM US Trails Working Group, Jake Low provides an overview of the OpenStreetMap data structure and tagging standards. Formed in October 2021, Trails Working Group members will...

Announcing the OSM US Trails Working Group

Dec 22, 2021 · OpenStreetMap US Trails Working Group

In recent years, many more people have come to rely on mobile apps such as Gaia GPS, AllTrails, and CalTopo to navigate in the outdoors. Many of these apps display maps that...

Trails in OpenStreetMap

Sep 22, 2021 · Keri Nelson

OpenStreetMap US hosted a public discussion on the role of OSM trails data in protecting our national parks and helping to keep tourists on safe, well-maintained paths, with Keri Nelson, Backcountry Coordinator...