OpenStreetMap US

Inquiries? We’ve compiled answers to some common questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs OpenStreetMap?

The OpenStreetMap Foundation is a UK-based nonprofit that administers the OpenStreetMap database. OpenStreetMap US is a local chapter of the OSMF that supports the project in the United States and around the world.

Where’s the map?

You can view the Americana map style on our homepage. More map styles are available on

OpenStreetMap is a database, not a single map, so there are countless ways to render the data. A number of public OSM-based maps are listed here. Keep an eye out for ©OpenStreetMap in the corner of maps—you’ll start seeing it everywhere!

How can I edit OpenStreetMap?

We have a guide that walks you through your first edit. It only takes a few minutes.

Some data is wrong, what can I do?

With OpenStreetMap you can simply fix it yourself. If someone keeps making bad edits, you can send them a private message or comment on their changeset. If this doesn’t solve the conflict, you can contact the Data Working Group.

I have some great data, can I import it into OpenStreetMap?

Maybe! Your first step is to read the Import Guidelines. Be careful to follow these steps or your data might get flagged as vandalism and reverted (even if it’s good data).

How do I download OpenStreetMap data?

There are several ways. Generally people will download a full Planet file or regional extracts, or query specific features with tools like Overpass Turbo.

My question isn’t answered here…

If you have a general OpenStreetMap question, try searching the OpenStreetMap Wiki. You can also ask the community on OSM US Slack or the OSM Community Forum.


For inquiries specific to the OpenStreetMap US organization, email