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OpenStreetMap for Roman roads? Middle Kingdom cities? 1890s railways? OpenHistoricalMap is aiming to create the most comprehensive, most out-of-date map of everything that’s existed from Then through Now.

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OpenHistoricalMap: Doing History

Jun 11, 2023 · Richard Welty

History is harder than it looks. While there may be one true set of facts, almost immediately after an event, facts start getting lost or confused. Research is harder than just looking...

Turbocharging Local Historical Societies with OpenHistoricalMap

Jun 11, 2023 · Jeff Meyer

Odds are, your local community has at least one, if not several historical societies, and OHM has all the tools to help them get off the ground with building old maps of...

Mapping Old Richmond with OldInsuranceMaps & OpenHistoricalMap

Jun 10, 2023 · Jeff Meyer

Let’s leave Richmond better than we found it by putting this city’s long history on OpenHistoricalMap. Whether you’re into mapping buildings, railroads, businesses, or something else, let’s see how much progress we...

Mapping the turn of the Century with OpenHistoricalMap and

Jun 9, 2023 · Jeff Meyer and Adam Cox has just made it very easy to set up tile maps of 19th century Sanborn Insurance maps and edit them in OpenHistoricalMap. This session will talk about how the two projects...

The OpenHistoricalMap experiment

Jun 9, 2023 · Richard Welty

OpenHistoricalMap has proven to be a big laboratory. The original concept was very simple in conception, but has unearthed a huge number of considerations. Those considerations have resulted in a lot of...