About OpenStreetMap US

This is the US chapter of OpenStreetMap, the free, open-source map of the world created by volunteers all over the globe.

We support the OpenStreetMap project in the United States through education, fostering awareness, ensuring broad availability of data, continuous quality improvement, and an active community.

OpenStreetMap gives ordinary citizens the power and the tools to create a high-quality feature-rich map of their country, their states, their communities and their neighborhoods.

Because the map data is free, anyone can use it to create maps for themselves, their businesses, their schools, their local governments or any other purpose they wish.

More than that, OpenStreetMap US is an organization anyone can join to connect with other mappers or institutional data users. Our members range from mapping enthusiasts who want to contribute their knowledge of their local communities to geodata experts who bring technical skills to the creation of the map and professional users who leverage OpenStreetMap data commercially.


Board of Directors

Alyssa Wright (President) leads partnerships and business development at Mapzen where she leads community initiatives and communications to bring the best mapping capabilities to organizations of all sizes. She also co-organizes GeoNYC, a monthly mapping salon of 1000 of the most innovative spatial thinkers in NYC and MaptimeNYC a learning space for collaboration, exploration, and map creation.

Martijn van Exel (Secretary) Martijn first got involved with OpenStreetMap in 2007 after attending a mapping party in Amsterdam. He played an important role in growing the Dutch OpenStreetMap community through fundraising, advocacy and organizing local events. After moving to Utah in 2011 from his native Netherlands, he continued his role as an OpenStreetMap advocate and community builder in the Salt Lake City area as well as on the national level. Martijn is OpenStreetMap expert at Telenav.

Alex Barth (Vice President) As data lead at MapBox Alex works to improve OpenStreetMap data and infrastructure. Based in Washington DC and San Francisco, he is engaged in growing local OpenStreetMap communities on the grass roots level and making OpenStreetMap accessible to institutional users in the public and private sector.

Ian Dees (Treasurer) Ian is long time OpenStreetMap hacker, veteran of the Obama 2008 and 2012 campaign and community organizer in Chicago.

Eleanor Tutt (At large) is data management coordinator at Rise providing non-profit community development services to the St. Louis area. In addition she is the co-captain of Open Data STL, the St. Louis Code for America brigade. Through Open Data STL she is active in the local St. Louis community hosting regular OpenStreetMap trainings and mapathons, with an emphasis on engaging neighborhood residents and community advocates.

Photo Martijn: © Justin Miller

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