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OpenStreetMap US personnel often speak about our projects in the media and at external community events. Recorded talks are posted here.

Recent appearances

OpenStreetMap & Trails: New Collaborations for Responsible Recreation

Oct 17, 2023 · Maggie Cawley

This is the October 2023 entry in the quarterly webinar series from the National Trails System GIS Network. Learn about the Trails Stewardship Initiative with Maggie Cawley, Exective Director of OpenStreetMap US....

Putting your community on the map: Digitizing local natural and cultural resources with OpenStreetMap

Aug 17, 2023 · Jess Beutler and Diane Fritz

Join Jess Beutler and Diane Fritz for an introduction to OpenStreetMap with a focus on mapping the Southeastern United States. Recorded at a Third Thursday Web Forum hosted by the Southeast Conservation...

Open the Paths 2023: Let's talk standardized data production

Apr 21, 2023 · Maggie Cawley

Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of OpenStreetMap US, talks about OpenStreetMap and Public Domain Map on a panel at Open the Paths 2023. Let’s talk Standardized data production– Can aggregators and tool ecosystems...

Women Remembered: Celebrating Women’s History Month through Open Data

Mar 14, 2023 · Jess Beutler

Join Jess Beutler, Program Director at OpenStreetMap US, at the intersection of monuments, representation, OpenStreetMap, and Wikimedia. This NYC Open Data Week event was hosted by BetaNYC and NYC OpenData. Only five...

Augmenting Authoritative Data with Public Domain Map

Nov 3, 2022 · Jess Beutler, Jim McAndrew, and Quincy Morgan

Public Domain Map bridges the gap between authoritative government data and volunteered geographic data. Learn how your agency can leverage the power of license-compatible crowdsourced mapping while contributing verified data OpenStreetMap.

Driving Federal Collaboration with OpenStreetMap

Nov 3, 2022 · Maggie Cawley, Adriana Lard, Derald Dudley, Jason Kamprowski, and Aaron Kelley

OpenStreetMap and open mapping continues to grow as a means for federal agencies to source, edit, share and publish data. In this panel, leaders from across agencies and their partners discuss how...

Public Domain Map: Crowdsourcing the Future of Government Data

Aug 21, 2022 · Maggie Cawley and Jess Beutler

It’s easy to see how OpenStreetMap could be leveraged to improve the completeness and freshness of government geospatial datasets. So why aren’t all governments using OpenStreetMap? In the US, the ODbL license...

OpenStreetMap & Trails: New Collaborations for Responsible Recreation

Aug 21, 2022 · Maggie Cawley

Sparked by concerns about OpenStreetMap’s role in how the public accesses and recreates on protected lands, OpenStreetMap US volunteers, navigation app developers, national agencies and public land managers formed the OpenStreetMap US...

Maggie Cawley on the Nowhere Podcast

May 12, 2022 · Maggie Cawley and Jonathan Neufeld

Hear from Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of OpenStreetMap US, about her encounter with federal land managers who weren’t happy about traffic on their land and how her team developed a solution that benefitted the avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts while protecting sensitive or conservation areas.

OpenStreetMap and Open Data, the future of public realm data & data literacy

Mar 7, 2022 · Maggie Cawley, Ariel Kadouri, Zhi Keng He, and Guillaume Rischard

This OpenStreetMap panel was recorded at NYC School of Data 2022, organized by BetaNYC. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable geographic database of the world. Over the...

OpenStreetMap: The Community Behind Your Open Map Data

Oct 21, 2021 · Jess Beutler

What motivates over 1.5 million people to add details to a single map? From improving Lyft user experience to saving lives during humanitarian crises, OpenStreetMap is an open source project with almost...

Back to School Night with TeachOSM: OpenStreetMap for Education

Sep 21, 2021 · Steven Johnson, Greg Hill, Celeste Reynolds, Jess Beutler, Tom Mueller, Richard Hinton, and Courtney Clark

What do students love about open mapping? Why is open mapping one of the most effective teaching tools? In this series of short lightning talks, you’ll find out how you can connect...

OpenStreetMap Overview with Maggie Cawley at Geo DC

Apr 7, 2021 · Maggie Cawley

In this virtual Geo DC Meetup presentation, Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of OpenStreetMap US, talks about how her organization helps grow OpenStreetMap, the free and editable map of the world.

OpenStreetMap = Data + Community

Oct 19, 2020 · Maggie Cawley

As an advocate for OpenStreetMap, people often ask, “Hasn’t the world already been mapped?” But geospatial data in many parts of the world has historically been expensive or not available. Not anymore....