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The game of mini mapping challenges

MapRoulette breaks up OpenStreetMap work into snack-sized “challenges.” Earn points by fixing validation issues, turning nodes into areas, adding missing tags, and through countless other little tasks that contribute to a healthier map.

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Using MapRoulette to Strengthen Communities

Jun 7, 2024 · Martijn van Exel

MapRoulette is the premier OSM platform to complete small mapping tasks. Mappers have made millions of map improvements in MapRoulette’s 12 year existence, improving the map in areas such as schools, road...

Streamlining Data Quality Check for Pedestrian Map Data on OpenStreetMap

Jun 7, 2024 · Yunzhi Lin and Said Turksever

An innovative and streamlined approach to ensure data quality enhancement for pedestrian map data on OSM, utilizing the MapRoulette challenge framework and community activation.

MapRoulette welcomes TomTom as a financial backer!

Nov 20, 2023 · MapRoulette Advisory Board

MapRoulette has come a long way since starting over a decade ago as a simple tool to fix road imports in the United States. Since its inception, we completely overhauled the design,...

MapRoulette joins OSM US as a Charter Project

Mar 9, 2023 · OpenStreetMap US Staff

We are excited to announce that MapRoulette is now part of the growing network of Charter Projects supported by OpenStreetMap US. MapRoulette is an open, collaborative and cooperative microtasking platform for improving...

A MapRoulette Travel Guide

Apr 2, 2022 · Martijn van Exel

MapRoulette is the micro tasking platform for OpenStreetMap. Mappers on all continents use it to fix common mapping errors one at a time: crooked roads, misspelled names, mistagged points of interest. In...