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Bridging the open data gap

Public Domain Map is a bridge database that lets organizations crowdsource authoritative map data in cases where OpenStreetMap isn’t an option. Mappers can address public data gaps while producing high quality data that is format- and license-compatible with OSM.

Public Domain Map (PDMap) is a project of OpenStreetMap US that allows map contributors across the United States to edit, contribute to, and consume federal datasets via a collaborative user environment and modified versions of popular OpenStreetMap tools; simultaneously improving government datasets and OpenStreetMap.

US Government agencies are increasingly realizing the value of crowdsourcing open data. Through Public Domain Map, government agencies can access the power of the crowd to improve government datasets and contribute validated data to OpenStreetMap.

The toolstack includes a custom version of the iD Editor embedded in the OpenStreetMap US Tasking Manager. The OpenStreetMap database will then be improved with this authoritative data via tools such as MapRoulette.

All contributions remain in the public domain, which allows the original government public domain datasets to accept edits from users and allows the edits to be applied to OpenStreetMap.

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Public Domain Map: First Pilot Update

Sep 26, 2023 · OpenStreetMap US Staff

Public Domain Map enables organizations to crowdsource authoritative map data in cases where OpenStreetMap isn’t an option. Mappers can address public data gaps while producing high-quality data that is format- and license-compatible...

Authoritative Crowdsourcing with Public Domain Map

Jun 9, 2023 · Quincy Morgan

Crowdsourced mapping is a powerful too, but what if OpenStreetMap doesn’t quite fit your use-case? OpenStreetMap US presents Public Domain Map: a bridge database that allows government entities and other trusted partners...

Open the Paths 2023: Let's talk standardized data production

Apr 21, 2023 · Maggie Cawley

Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of OpenStreetMap US, talks about OpenStreetMap and Public Domain Map on a panel at Open the Paths 2023. Let’s talk Standardized data production– Can aggregators and tool ecosystems...

Public Domain Map: Updates & Next Steps

Apr 19, 2023 · OpenStreetMap US Staff

Background Two years ago, we shared the launch of Public Domain Map, a new project and collaboration with federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Geological Survey. The...

Tasking Manager, meet Public Domain Map

Feb 24, 2023 · Quincy Morgan

Last week, OpenStreetMap US launched a revamped version of our Tasking Manager, a tool for collaborating on mapping campaigns. The release includes a number of custom features specific to the needs of...