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Non-Profit land trusts have map needs. Docents want to lead a hike and describe where to meet for the monthly wildlife talk. Land trusts want to raise awareness via social media or for public presentations. Local educators want to get more students in the outdoors. A decent map stack & architecture for web, print & mobile can help solve all of these needs. We will discuss how we used FOSS4G tools to make a kiosk trailhead for the “Build Lebanon Trails” group in Lebanon, Oregon. The tools we used are OSM extracts, QGIS, and Cloud Optimized GeoTiff. See for print maps, live maps and maps for social media that we built for “Build Lebanon Trails”.


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Collaborative Corridors to Address OpenStreetMap Underrepresentation

Nov 11, 2022 · Bill Wetherholt

US Highway corridors provide a collaborative springboard to connect vested OSM interests across underrepresented regions. US-40 offered a link between Fall 2022 mapping courses in the Department of Geography at Frostburg State...