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There’s a lot of new happenings in the home of old mapping, OpenHistoricalMap. This mappy hour will cover a few topics, including:

  • The recent Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries import
  • OHM tools, including Tasking Manager, OSMcha
  • How you can team up with others to map interesting history
  • Current development roadmap
  • Plans for 2024 events: SotM US, SotM EU, and SotM Global

OHM Advisory Board members Jeff Meyer, Minh Nguyễn, and Richard Welty will be on hand to discuss all of these items, as well as to listen—and hopefully, answer—any of your questions.

No recording is available from this session.


Minh Nguyễn

Minh is a mapper, Wikipedian, and incurable roadgeek. He lives in San José, California.

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OpenStreetMap for Roman roads? Middle Kingdom cities? 1890s railways? OpenHistoricalMap is aiming to create the most comprehensive, most out-of-date map of everything that’s existed from Then through Now.

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