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In this talk, Martijn will introduce MapRoulette and show you how you can use this Micro-Tasking tool to help improve OSM! MapRoulette is a website that lets you solve small problems (Tasks) that exist in OpenStreetMap: fixing misspelled names, connecting disconnected roads, even adding rooftop solar panels detected by machine learning! Mappers have solved millions of tasks with MapRoulette already. Martijn will show you how to join their ranks, select some interesting challenges that others have created, and demonstrate how you can create tasks for the community to help solve! Even if you have used MapRoulette before, you should join to learn about the great new features that have been added to MapRoulette recently like Leaderboards, improved Challenge search, and great new tools for creating new tasks!

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MapRoulette breaks up OpenStreetMap work into snack-sized “challenges.” Earn points by fixing validation issues, turning nodes into areas, adding missing tags, and through countless other little tasks that contribute to a healthier map.

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