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Our team at American Red Cross has made countless edits to OSM, created a dizzying number of maps, crashed QGIS on our computers more than a few times, supported open source software projects, tried to start our own open source software projects, co-founded Missing Maps, talked ad nauseam about open data, led mapping workshops, and more. We are a large, humanitarian organization that is part of the world’s largest humanitarian network. This whirlwind presentation will cover what we have learned from some of our biggest OSM successes and failures, what we’re excited about for the future, and the help we think we need for our journey forward.


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Micromapping Phoenix City Parks

Apr 2, 2022 · Sean Whitcomb

I spent the summer of 2021 micromapping all 183 city parks in Phoenix, Arizona. In the process, I learned a lot about OpenStreetMap, micromapping, and the city. Mapping parks is an excellent...