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During the zero malaria campaign in Rwanda, it has been found to be impossible to illuminate malaria just by normal methods of preventing adult mosquitos at home, the answer is to fight mosquitoes from the source by killing mosquito larva we use Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) to kill the mosquito larva before they grow up using drones and Openstreetmap data to spray Bti over rice plantations and water bodies, the Bti is sprayed over water bodies such as ponds and other nonmoving water where mosquito larvae are always found. The OpenStreetMap data were used to identify where to deploy UAV drones in the rice plantations and water bodies, the OSM data of sounding households were used for monitoring the effect of Bti on mosquito larva and the reduction of adult mosquitoes in surrounding households, It is an interesting combination of different methodologies that I will present in the conference which was successful at 94.2%

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