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What do students love about open mapping? Why is open mapping one of the most effective teaching tools? In this session, TeachOSM contributors will share how to connect students to meaningful & impactful projects in OpenStreetMap. Hear from teachers & practitioners on how you can bring OpenStreetMap to schools and students whether you’re an educator or a member of the mapping community.


Jess Beutler

Jess Beutler is the Program Director at OpenStreetMap US. Her focus is to strengthen and expand the impact and breadth of programs for the OSM US community, such as Mapping for Impact and TeachOSM. Prior to working with OSM US, Jess has led participatory mapping projects and supported OpenStreetMap communities across sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.

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TeachOSM provides training, content, and curriculum, for educators of all levels to integrate OpenStreetMap in the classroom, and advocates for OSM in educational settings.

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