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Crowdsourced mapping is a powerful too, but what if OpenStreetMap doesn’t quite fit your use-case? OpenStreetMap US presents Public Domain Map: a bridge database that allows government entities and other trusted partners to request mapping assistance from the community while contributing validated data back to OSM. Come learn how Public Domain Map fills the gap between crowdsourced and authoritative map data.


Quincy Morgan

Quincy is a mapper, developer, and traveler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently supports community tools and websites as Technical Lead at OpenStreetMap US. Previously, he was a maintainer of the iD editor.

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Public Domain Map

Public Domain Map is a bridge database that lets organizations crowdsource authoritative map data in cases where OpenStreetMap isn’t an option. Mappers can address public data gaps while producing high quality data that is format- and license-compatible with OSM.

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