OpenStreetMap US

The Protomaps basemap is the first open source end-to-end tiled vector cartographic product that is trivially self-hostable. It’s simple to deploy anything from a small city tileset to the entire planet.

This talk covers:

  • How the project fits among the existing open source ecosystem, including Planetiler, Tilezen, PMTiles, and MapLibre
  • The data it uses, such as OSM or Daylight PBFs, preprocessed OSM geodata, and Natural Earth
  • How to download tilesets based on minutely OSM
  • How a little customization turns any OSM tags into a tileset, and tools for iterative design

Finally I’ll show some cartography examples using advanced logic, like generalizing “hairball” offramps and cloverleaf interchanges in the United States.

No recording is available from this session.

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