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OSMCha is one of the main validation tools for OSM. It was created as an open-source software project in the spare time of a single developer. Then Mapbox supported its development and hosting, essential to turning it into a vital part of the OSM software ecosystem. In 2023, OSMCha was accepted as an OpenStreetMap US charter project. This partnership will provide the structure to raise funds for development and hosting. It will also open the possibility for the community to influence the future of OSMCha. This talk will be an opportunity to reflect on the value provided by OSMCha and to outline the plans we have for its future. We will also share more about how the entire OSM community can contribute and help make it a yet better tool.

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What are people mapping? OSMCha is an advanced (yet easy-to-use) tool to analyze bundles of OpenStreetMap edits, called changesets. Advanced filters, vandalism detection, and on-map visualization help you find and verify the changesets you care about.

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