OpenStreetMap US

Discussions at the inaugural US State of the Map conference showed that there is energy and interest in the community for working on specific issues to insure the long-term success of the OSM project in the United States.  These issues include communications, outreach, tagging, rendering, computing infrastructure, APIs, and more.  To carry out this work, we’d like to help establish working groups along the lines of those established by the OpenStreetMap Foundation .

The notion is to have each working group dedicated to a specific issue. We expect that most of the activities would be community-driven, with assistance from the US Board. Some working groups have been proposed:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Education and Student Outreach
  • Technical and Imports
  • Community Events & Mapping Parties

You can find more information about these WG’s on the US Local Chapter wik i.  If you see a group you’re interested in joining, please add your name to the list. And if you see a need for a new working group, please add it to the list.