OpenStreetMap US

It’s been a few weeks since the redaction bot finished its work. As can be seen on our Interstate Status Pages ( Interstates and  3 Digit Interstates ), a lot of work has gone into repairing the interstate system, and a fair amount of routes remain. If you’re looking for an armchair mapping project, picking a Pending interstate from the lists can help move things forward even more quickly.

When reviewing an interstate (highway=motorway), the first checks are verifying all ways are present, properly connected, have oneway=yes tags, and verifying the direction of traffic flow is correct. As you move along an interstate, exits can also be verified. All exit ramps should be tagged with highway=motorway_link, and most exit ways should have a oneway=yes tag, and the direction of flow should be correct. Naturally, exit ramps should be connected to a motorway as well as to a way at the other end of the exit.

To help you quickly find ways and nodes affected by the redaction bot, tools such as Martijn’s Redaction Tool , Toby’s Redaction Tool , and Redaction Bot Layer, Geofabrik .

As you complete your reviews, don’t forget to take a few minutes to update the Status pages to help coordinate everyone’s efforts.