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Past weekend’s #editathon was a great success. Almost one hundred users participated across eight physical locations, as well as from their homes. People came together to add detail to their neighborhoods, map bus routes, improve the map with MapRoulette , get an introductory workshop to OpenStreetMap, test new editors and more. This level of turnout certainly motivates us to continue calling #editathons. Have you participated in the #editathon, and have feedback? Please let us know  by filling out this quick survey .

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the many local communities chiming in. A big Thank You first and foremost to individuals hosting local events, but also to organizations providing space like  Telenav  in Sunnyvale, CA and Boston, MA; the public library of Seattle;  stamen design  in San Francisco, CA, and  MapBox  in Washington, DC. We would also like to thank  JP Graphics , a full-service offset printer located in the heart of Silicon Valley, who donated signage for the Sunnyvale, CA event.

Here are some statistics, a visualization of the node edits, and pictures from this weekend.

Nodes: created: 19,462, modified: 8,954, deleted: 9,920
Ways:  created: 2,467, modified: 3,430, deleted: 586
Relations:  None
1,544 changesets, 79 unique users
8 public venues in 7 states: Boston MA, New York NY, Portland OR, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Sunnyvale CA, Tampa Bay FL, Washington DC

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 11.26.55 AM
Nodes in changesets tagged #editathon

#editathon Portland
#editathon session in Portland

Editathon Seattle #editathon session in Seattle

#editathon NYC #editathon NYC

Editathon in Sunnyvale, CA #editathon session in Sunnyvale, CA

Editathon in Washington DC: Intro Workshops
Intro Workshops in Washington, DC