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UPDATE: Thanks for joining us for the virtual hangout, you can watch the recording below. If you’d like to use any of OpenStreetMap US’ community server resources, check out the Wiki page and  drop us a line .

Are you in need for access to a larger server to process big OpenStreetMap data? Are you looking for a quick way to work with OpenStreetMap data without setting up your own database? Do you have a particular data processing question?

Join us for next week’s Virtual Mappy Hour, Ian Dees will give an introduction to community server resources provided by the OpenStreetMap US chapter.

2U server sitting at OSU Open Source Lab

OpenStreetMap US provides a series of server resources to the OpenStreetMap community free of charge. You can use these servers for jobs that are too large or too long running for your local machine and for cooperating with other community members.

You can see a full list of our servers on our Wiki , here are some highlights:

  • Full, hourly updated copy of the OpenStreetMap rendering database
  • Latest Mapnik installed and the ability to render and cache arbitrary tile sets
  • Storage and shell access for projects related to improving OSM in the US

In the Mappy Hour we will take a particular look at:

  • Access to the rendering database
  • Existing data in the database
  • Mapnik rendering toolchain

And of course, there will be plenty of time for your questions.

Ian is a former OpenStreetMap US board member and continues to be in charge of our server infrastructure. The Virtual Mappy Hour will take place as a Google Hangout on January 28th at 8.30 PM Eastern time . We will post Hangout details on this blog post and on the US mailing list right before the event starts.

We hold Virtual Mappy Hours roughly on a bi-weekly basis. They are casual get-togethers of the OpenStreetMap US community, discussing matters of the day. Sometimes we invite a presenter for a specific topic. Join the US mailing list to receive updates of upcoming events.

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Mappy Hours

The OpenStreetMap US Mappy Hours are virtual hangouts for the U.S. community. We often have guest speakers and they are always an opportunity to meet fellow mappers and talk about OpenStreetMap.