OpenStreetMap US

Come join us for the second #editathon event of 2013, a weekend of mapping on April 20-21. All over the United States, starting at 12 noon Eastern going until 6PM Pacific each day and longer, we will be improving the US on OpenStreetMap . Join us at one of the locations (to be announced) or virtually on our IRC channel #osm-us on the network.

If you haven’t ever mapped, this is a good time to come out and ask someone to show you – it’s really simple!


We are currently working out additional physical locations all over the United States. If you’d like to host an #editathon in your city add yourself to the Wiki or drop us a line , we will feature you here.

You can contribute in a number of ways:

  • Use Maproulette at
  • Improve your home town
  • Record the location and details of restaurants, gas stations, post offices, etc …
  • Capture traffic lights, speed limits, turn restrictions (no u-turn, no left turn, etc)
  • Be creative …

There is only one rule: when you save your changes to OpenStreetMap, use #editathon in your commit message, we’ll use that to create a visulization of our edits afterwards.

#editathon Portland January 26 #editathon in Portland, OR