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Thanks for joining us. If you’ve missed this Mappy Hour you can watch the recording below.

If you’re hooked on MapRoulette , you’re in good company. Thousands of OpenStreetMap contributors use MapRoulette to work together to squash small, easily overlooked, but pervasive bugs and gaps in the OSM data.

The latest MapRoulette challenge is on connectivity errors : ways that should be connected, but aren’t.  It turns out there were tens of thousands of them in the U.S. alone. With the help of MapRoulette, those errors were fixed in a matter of weeks. The scope was then expanded to include Canada, Mexico and Central America. But if you head over to today, you will see that we have fixed almost all of the connectivity bugs there as well!

So it is time for a new challenge yet again. The switch will be flipped very soon, and we want to talk about the next challenge, adding lane counts to the main roads, in the next Virtual Mappy Hour this coming Monday night (details below).

What will we be covering? John Novak will present some compelling statistics of the past connectivity errors challenge. Martijn van Exel will introduce MapRoulette briefly for those who have not used the tool before, and will talk about the new challenge. He will also discuss future directions for MapRoulette and report on the  Hack Weekend in Toronto , where MapRoulette will be one of the main topics as well. After that, let’s discuss your ideas for future challenges and features for MapRoulette. And finally – it’s a mappy hour, so feel free to bring any other mappy topics to the table!

As always, the Virtual Mappy Hour will be a Google Hangout event (see below). The Hangout will be recorded and made publicly available on YouTube.

Virtual Mappy Hour
Monday, March 11 – 8.30 PM Eastern / 5.30 PM Pacific
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The OpenStreetMap US Mappy Hours are virtual hangouts for the U.S. community. We often have guest speakers and they are always an opportunity to meet fellow mappers and talk about OpenStreetMap.