OpenStreetMap US

Last week  Serge Wroclawski finished work on the  TIGER name expansion . This means that now in OpenStreetMap contractions like “Rd” for “Road” or “Ave” for “Avenue”, typical for TIGER data , are expanded to their full form. All in all over the past six months, 4,156,347 contractions were expanded to their long form. See a full list of abbreviations expanded in the Github repository .

Serge accomplished this by running an automated edit over the entire United States. Here’s a map of this effort. You see less edits in the West as a previous effort had cleaned up much of the original name contractions.

If you’re considering an automated edit yourself, please refer to the corresponding guidelines , send an email to the imports-us list , or just get in touch .

(Image: TIGER name expansion edits. Each point corresponds to a changeset centroid.)