OpenStreetMap US

Join us next weekend for the US Summer #editathon, on Saturday and Sunday July 20 and 21, for two days of improving the United States on OpenStreetMap.

This summer, there are 8 participant cities where people come together to map in libraries, coworking spaces, offices and the outsides. But really, you can join this event from home and anywhere in the world, the only rule is to save your improvements with a comment containing the hash tag #editathon and our focus is on improving the US map.

You can really work on anything OpenStreetMap you’d like to, but here are a couple of ideas:

  • Map your neighborhood or favorite vacation spot
  • Use QA tools like keepright or OSM Inspector to identify and fix problems in your city
  • Use the micro tasking platform map roulette to improve laneless motorways
  • Collect and add points of interest and addresses from your neighborhood

Here are the participant cities of this year’s #editathon. If you’re joining from home, we’ll be hanging out on #osm-us on, poke your head in. Hosting an #editathon is easy. If you’d still like to add your city to this list, it’s not too late, get yourself on the Wiki and drop us a line.

  • Denver, CO - location TBD
  • Lexington, KY - Awesome Inc
  • New York, NY - DUMBO
  • Salt Lake City, UT - SLC Public Library
  • San Francisco, CA - Code For America
  • Seattle, WA - Renton Library
  • Tampa, FL - location TBD
  • Washington, DC - OpenGovHub

Details on the Wiki

Photo: April 2013 spring #editathon in Washington DC.

Edit: added New York City as location