OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US 2013 elections start tomorrow October 5 and are open until October 12.

Today is the last chance to get in line to vote:

  • Before the end of today, October 4th (1): join OpenStreetMap US or if you’re already member but not sure your status is current confirm with us.
  • As a member in good standing, you will receive an electronic ballot tomorrow October 5th.

You can find a list of all candidates on the OpenStreetMap wiki. If you’re interested in running yourself, you can do so by adding your name and a your manifesto by the end of the day of October 4th.

(1) That is before October 5th 12AM Eastern time.

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OpenStreetMap US Board

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a five-seat Board of Directors, elected by our membership.