OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMappers gathered at local cafes, libraries and hack spaces nationwide last weekend for the 2014 winter #editathon. Like the four previous #editathons held last year, this event was aimed at bringing out both new and experienced OpenStreetMap contributors to meet and improve the map of the United States together.

Local mappers stepped up and organized #editathon events for their communities in more than a dozen towns and cities from coast to coast. Most of those had seen an #editathon event before, but there were some new additions to the list as well. One of them is Phoenix, Arizona - and from what we heard they had a great turnout for their first event. So I got in touch with one of the organizers, Robert Stack, to hear more about their #editathon experience.

Interview with #editathon Phoenix co-organizer Robert Stack

The next event, the 2014 Spring #editathon is coming up fast, it will be held in the weekend of April 26-27, 2014. Are you thinking about hosting your own local edition? It’s easy and fun, and we’re here to help. Drop us a line at or just add your local event to the Spring 2014 #editathon wiki page!