OpenStreetMap US

The Winter #editathon is on - join local mappers on January 18 and 19 in 11 cities across the United States or from home to improve OpenStreetMap. Work from your computer or go outside and survey.

Editathons are a great way to get started mapping or to connect up with other people in your area or a place you’re just visiting. The OpenStreetMap US chapter calls them quarterly and all events are led locally.

Here are the cities of this quarter’s event:

  • Boston, MA Jan 18, 12-6pm EST
  • Chicago, IL Jan 18, 12-4pm CST
  • Denver, CO Jan 18, 12-4pm MST
  • Lexington, KY Jan 18, 12-4pm EST
  • Redlands, CA Jan 18, 12-6pm PST
  • Saint Louis, MO Jan 18, 12-4pm CST
  • Salt Lake City, UT Jan 18, 2-5pm MST
  • San Francisco, CA Jan 18, 12-6pm PST
  • Seattle, WA Jan 18 12:15pm - 4:15 PST
  • Tampa, FL Jan 18, 11am-3pm EST
  • Washington, DC Jan 18, 12-4pm EST

Detailed event information

Want to add your city last minute and host an #editathon in your community? It’s not too late, just add yourself on the Wiki and announce the event through your local channels. Want to join from home? Hang out on #osm-us on to chat with other mappers.

Photo: October 2013 #editathon at United States Peace Corps in Washington DC by Alex Barth