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Say hello to the new OpenStreetMap US board: Alyssa Wright, Martijn van Exel, Alex Barth, Ian Dees and Eleanor Tutt. Congratulations!

In conjunction with Toby Murray, I, have acted as independent observer to the 2014 OpenStreetMap US board election that closed yesterday. I believe that the election was conducted honestly and transparently and that the result is as follows. The figures come from “LimeService”, the electronic survey system used for the elections.

I commend members of the current board for the effort and concern they have put in to ensuring a fair election and that as many members as possible could and did vote.


Responses: 186 (188 total responses minus 2 deleted test results)
Responded but did not vote: 15
Responded and did vote: 171

Name Votes cast Percentage
Alyssa Wright 131 76.61%
Martijn van Exel 96 56.14%
Alex Barth 95 55.56%
Ian Dees 81 47.37%
Eleanor Tutt 77 45.03%
Robin Tolochko 62 36.26%
Andrew Wiseman 58 33.92%
Dale Kunce 40 23.39%
Richard Welty 31 18.13%
Coleman McCormick 29 16.96%
Bryce Nesbitt 17 9.94%
Gerald Hasty 5 2.92%

The count was conducted on 15th Oct, 2014 07:50 UTC.

My notes

  • I am satisfied that the election was properly conducted within the formal bylaws of OSM US.
  • Due to technical issues, the start of the election was delayed. This was reasonably compensated by extending the close by two days.
  • One voter claimed not to have received a ballot token email. This was dealt with promptly and the voter cast a ballot. I confirm that their name and email address occurs only once in the response results.
  • In order to test that the initial system was working, two test votes were made by an election organiser. I have deleted these and confirmed that they are not included in the result above.
  • I have not been made aware of any other issue preventing members from voting or that may affect the outcome.

Artwork: Ryan Ford.

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