OpenStreetMap US

I’m delighted to announce the winners of our scholarship program to State of the Map: Maggie Cawley and Aure Moser. Each of them receives a $1,000 grant to help cover travel expenses to this year’s international State of the Map conference taking place from Nov 7 to Nov 9th in Buenos Aires. This scholarship program is part of our effort to strengthen the international networks of our OpenStreetMap community here in the US.

Maggie recently founded Boomerang Geospatial a consulting firm focused on interactive web maps and education - all with open source software and data. She is looking to connect with people who are using OpenStreetMap for map making and as a tool in professional training or schools.

Aure is part of Bike storming - a movement to grow urban cycling in cities around the world. Bike storming is using OpenStreetMap as a base layer and is looking to get even more active in adding bike infrastructure to the map.

When you’re in Argentina, be sure to connect with Maggie and Aure!