OpenStreetMap US

Continuing a great tradition, OpenStreetMap US will again organize a series of Mapathons in 2015! If you’re new to this, a Mapathon is a coordinated event where folks get together across the country to improve OpenStreetMap. Here are the dates for 2015:

  • Spring Mapathon: April 11-12
  • Summer Mapathon: July 11-12
  • Fall Mapathon: October 17-18
Mapathon at the Radio RoomA Mapathon in full swing in Portland, OR. Photo by Reid Beels

Spring Theme: The Great Outdoors

For the Spring Mapathon, we are proposing a theme: The Great Outdoors. The start of Spring is a time when many of us start thinking about hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and of course surveying! We are looking to team up with Open Trail Data to help us figure out the best ways to map the Great Outdoors. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Look for local Mapathons on the wiki page. Many local OSM / geo related groups are also on Meetup. If you can’t find a Mapathon in your area, why not consider organizing one? We are here to help with tips and advice, and we can even help sponsor your local event to help cover expenses for space, food and drinks.

We hope to see you at one of the next Mapathons!