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State of the Map US 2015 was 3 days of unprecedented excitement by 1 amazing global OpenStreetMap community (you)! The breathtaking backdrop of New York City and the United Nations helped celebrate the largest open data initiative in the world and welcome its next era of impact.

We’ve had a moment (or 2 weeks) to recover and reflect on what all this means for the future of OpenStreetMap. We collected that impact in numbers. So without further ado we relive a most amazing conference with the numbers of our success.

This was the largest OpenStreetMap event ever with 834 people registered from 41 countries. We saw a remarkable 559 first time attendees and 9 childcare families. This incredible growth echoes the continued growth we’re seeing in new users and edits to OpenStreetMap. The Monday hack day had over 200 hackers hacking at 7 workshops, 2 mapping parties, and 2 educational summits. Because of your outreach efforts to make this a community of inclusivity we saw 30% female attendance at both events, up from 25% in previous years.

State of the Map US had 86 talks selected from 205 proposals. (Thank you program committee for reading through every single one of them!) We also had 26 impromptu Birds of Feather and 1 amazing US CTO drop in for a surprise talk. We also had countless impromptu conversations at the 3 social events where 2115 drinks, 308 dumplings, and 648 pizza slices were consumed. Over 900lbs of coffee helped us the next days. The flow of the conference really came together because of the efforts of 53 volunteers, 6 security guards, 4 audio/visual experts, 3 transcribers, 3 videographers, 6 caterers, 5 coffee baristas, 6 movers, and 2 janitors.

We saw amazing generosity from businesses and nonprofits alike with the commitment of 25 sponsors who made the conference possible. Without you we never would have been able to make this happen. Not to mention, we would have never been able to help 28 scholars from 16 countries attend the conference. To all of the sponsors and all of the scholars, thank you for your continued investment into OpenStreetMap and each other.

The memories of the conference were captured in 1,486 photos, 4,540 tweets, 1 satellite image, and 450 first time edits. Those memories landed us on 1 international territory (the UN!) and 3 boroughs via 5 buses and 1 ferry. And in case you were wondering, we used 346 emojis to say thank you.

Photo: yellowbkpk

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State of the Map US

The annual State of the Map US conference is the largest gathering of OpenStreetMap community members from across the country. Come meet the people who create, analyze, and use OpenStreetMap with several days of talks, workshops, and social events. It’s the best party in mapping.

State of the Map US 2015

The 5th State of the Map US conference took place at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, New York.