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The annual OpenStreetMap US board elections are coming up October 12th - 18th. The election will be held online for all OpenStreetMap US members in good standing.

If you’re not a member, join in minutes to help grow OpenStreetMap or drop us a line if you’re not sure about your membership status.

Voting starts October 12th, ends October 18th

Once the elections phase kicks off on October 12th, you will receive an email with candidate information and voting instructions. Voting will end October 18th.

Townhall on October 12th

To meet your candidates and help you make a decision, we will hold a virtual townhall with all candidates on October 12th. Details to be announced.

Throw your hat in the ring

Have you ever considered running for a position on the OSM US Chapter board of directors? Perhaps you should! Being on the board is a great and very rewarding way to contribute to the OpenStreetMap project. If you are passionate about OpenStreetMap, if you have experience running events, experience in communications or your own ideas on how you can contribute to growing OpenStreetMap in the United States and beyond, consider running - no special super powers are needed!

To submit your candidacy simply add your name and your position statement to the 2015 elections wiki by October 10th.

Learn more about board work on October 1st

To talk more about what’s entailed in working on the OpenStreetMap US board, we’ll hold a campfire session on October 1st 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific that is open to everyone interested in learning more about what it means on a day to day basis to be on the board. All are welcome! You can also email at any time with your questions.

Update, recorded campfire session here:

Photo: Rikki’s Refuge

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OpenStreetMap US Board

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a five-seat Board of Directors, elected by our membership.