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The selection committee has met numerous times over the past 3 weeks to discuss the difficult task of selecting around 40 talks out of a total of over 90 submissions. We hope and think that we emerged with a strong line-up of speakers and topics that represents the vibrance and diversity in the OpenStreetMap community. We grouped the talks into themes like Community, Analysis and Directions. You will see these topics as distinct threads in the schedule, which we will publish shortly. For now though, we want to share the list of accepted speakers and their talk titles, grouped by topic.

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  • OpenStreetMap US by the Numbers, for the Community - Mikel Maron, Mapbox
  • Learning about the crowd behind OpenStreetMap through interactive visualization of the project history - Sterling Quinn, Penn State University
  • Behind the Scenes of the Mapzen Targeted Editing Series - Engaging Editors - Indy Hurt, Mapzen
  • OpenStreetMap Analytics: Rewarding contributors by tracking OSM in real-time - Marc Farra, Development Seed
  • Dynamic Timewarp Barycenter Averaging: Repairing Polyline Path Information with User Trajectory Data - Matthew Redmond, Strava


  • How to Become an OSM Meetup Host - Clifford Snow, OpenStreetMap Seattle
  • Let’s get LA on the map!: The Los Angeles Building Import Case Study - Jon Schleuss, Omar Ureta, OSM Los Angeles Building Import Team
  • Building OSM Higher Education Communities - Mike Thompson
  • One Map, Many Voices - Chase Stephens, OpenStreetMap Seattle
  • Beyond fire hydrant location: what firefighters need to know - James Duggan, Tacoma Fire Department
  • Building community through mapathons and community mapping - Drishtie Patel, American Red Cross
  • Using OpenStreetMap for Neighborhood Development and Feedback - Andrew Wiseman, MappingDC / MaptimeDC
  • Maptime, Motherhood and Martyrdom: When Running an Open Source Community Becomes Too Much - Beth Schechter, Maptime


  • Law Clinics and the OpenStreetMap Community - Rauvin Johl, Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic/OSM-US
  • OpenStreetMap past(s), OpenStreetMap future(s) - Alan McConchie, Stamen Design / University of British Columbia
  • How can AI help us make maps? - Sadi Khan, Yin Wang, and Luke Walsh, Facebook

Getting Around

  • OSM lights up the world for blind users with sound - Erik Schlegel, Microsoft
  • TrackYourCity - Mapping public transport from scratch - Uli Strötz and Isabel Flores, Ally
  • Beyond Aesthetics Icing: Designing geo tools for humans - Ekta Daryanani, Meghan Hade, Mapzen


  • Using Mapillary to Improve OpenStreetMap - Johan Gyllenspetz, Mapillary AB
  • OpenStreetView - Alex Ilisei, Telenav
  • Trace from Space - Kevin Bullock, DigitalGlobe
  • Skynet. Machine Learning with Satellites and OSM data - Anand Thakker, Development Seed

US Community’s Impact Abroad

  • Combating hegemonic cartographic discourses with drones - Britta Ricker, University of Washington Tacoma
  • GISCorps – Adding some more GIS to OSM - David Litke, URISA (GISCorps)
  • Field mapping at scale - Emily Eros, American Red Cross
  • The Reality is Virtual: U.S. College Students Assist MapGive and USAID - Thomas Gertin, MapGive
  • OpenStreetMap and the Sustainable Development Goals - Tyler Radford, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

The Outdoors

  • A Community Trail Mapping Initiative That Could Work Everywhere - Derrick Nehrenberg, JuicyTrails
  • OSM for Parks and Parks for OSM? - Dan Rademacher, Greeninfo Network


  • From an OSM Way into a Highway Shield Point : The Tableau methodology of generating global road shield points - Arielle Simmons-Steffen, Tableau Software
  • Wikipedia Maps - Yuri Astrakhan, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Befriending a Geocoder - Diana Shkolnikov, Mapzen
  • Validating the Map - Sanjay Bhangar, Mapbox
  • Spatial Analysis in the Developing World: Measuring Access with OpenStreetMap & OpenTripPlanner - Phoebe Merritt, SpatialDev


  • Mapping the Meta - Toby Murray
  • ImproveOSM: Using Big Data To Improve The Map - Brian Lau, Telenav
  • Lowering the barriers to participation with Field Papers - Lindsey Jacks, Cadasta Foundation
  • Millions that don’t care - Ilya Zverev, MAPS.ME
  • What if it doesn’t belong in OpenStreetMap? - Kristofor Carle, Maphubs

More info

State of the Map US

The annual State of the Map US conference is the largest gathering of OpenStreetMap community members from across the country. Come meet the people who create, analyze, and use OpenStreetMap with several days of talks, workshops, and social events. It’s the best party in mapping.

State of the Map US 2016

The 6th State of the Map US conference took place on the shores of Puget Sound at Seattle University, Washington.