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On July 23rd, close to 500 of us convened at 47.60884°N, 122.31729°W (aka Seattle University) for State of the Map US 2016. Our awesome attendance is a 147% increase of geo-coolness over the course of 6 years, so with a humble hat tip to all of you and our traditions we present this latest conference in numbers.

There were 56 talks and 12 workshops over the course of 55 hours (aka 3300 minutes aka 198,000 seconds). There were >1,000,000 tweets!!! (my estimate) as well as 25,000,000 (give or take 100,000) emojis. Our eternal +∞ appreciation to the 79 speakers for sharing their contributions to OpenStreetMap. You were an amazing group of limitless variety including 29 female and non-white speakers (aka 37%!!!) and our 1st State of the Map US keynote presentation times 2. (Thank you Katherine and Dale!)

A huge thank you to our 33 volunteers who often spent longer than their scheduled 2-hour shifts to make the conference run smoothly. Another thank you to our 37 scholars who represent the breadth of impact and community of OpenStreetMap US.

Speaking of breadth, we hailed from lots of countries and lots of states (my estimate) and no matter where we called home, we seemed to like eating and drinking. We drank 160 gallons of coffee, 47 gallons of beer, 12 gallons of wine, and I’m hoping a lot more water. We also ate 48 lbs of pastries, another 80 lbs of pizza and those were just the calories we were counting.

Our 17 amazing sponsors and 6 local organizers made this all happen. The lots and lots of words of transcribed talks were only possible with your commitment.

Hot off the presses - all 40 of the awesome OpenStreetMap coloring books were gone within approximately 10 seconds. Along with all 450 programs, 450 T-shirts, and the 114 old printed roadmaps. And yes – all 11 of the OpenStreetMap fluorescent orange surveyor vests found new homes.

There are many numbers missing and probably most of these are poor estimates because no number can capture the amazing dynamism, excitement and enthusiasm of the OpenStreetMap US community. We all feel it. State of the Map US continues to be a 1 of a kind conference because of you.

We will be putting out the call for next year’s State of the Map US within the next week (aka 7 days). Please consider hosting State of the Map US 2017! We have your number waiting.

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State of the Map US

The annual State of the Map US conference is the largest gathering of OpenStreetMap community members from across the country. Come meet the people who create, analyze, and use OpenStreetMap with several days of talks, workshops, and social events. It’s the best party in mapping.

State of the Map US 2016

The 6th State of the Map US conference took place on the shores of Puget Sound at Seattle University, Washington.