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Do you know what makes State of the Map US great? Well, other than you all. The folks who organize it of course! Wait, you think that’s us, the board? Think again! Sure, we will step in where needed, but the amazing teams of local OpenStreetMap enthusiasts make State of the Map US into the most mappiest event of the year in the USA. They know the best places to gather (map and après-map) and have the network to secure them at rock-bottom rates. They do whatever it takes to make sure SOTM US runs smoothly. Enlist volunteers. Draw signs. Haul pastry carts. Get scholars a place to stay. So many things you would never think about!

That is exactly why we will hold a Townhall meeting next Wednesday, September 14, at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern. Not sure what’s involved? (A lot.) Not confident that you have what it takes? (You do.) The Townhall is entirely devoted to answering any and all questions you may have about organizing the next SOTM and the bid process. Folks from the Seattle and New York teams will be present to share first-hand experiences. Most of the board will be present to, well, be the board.

Excited? Tune in to Hangouts next Wednesday at 4p/7p, using this link. If you can’t or won’t use Google Hangouts, we can dial you in. If you just want to listen (and watch) in, you can tune in to the live broadcast on YouTube as well. Can’t make it? You can tweet your questions in advance using the hashtag #sotmus, or email, or send a postcard to OpenStreetMap US, 1714 14th St NW Rear Entrance, Washington, DC 20009-4309.

We are looking forward to State of the Map US 2017 already!

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State of the Map US

The annual State of the Map US conference is the largest gathering of OpenStreetMap community members from across the country. Come meet the people who create, analyze, and use OpenStreetMap with several days of talks, workshops, and social events. It’s the best party in mapping.

State of the Map US 2017

The 7th State of the Map US conference took place in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains at the University of Colorado Boulder.