OpenStreetMap US

Election season is upon us in more ways than one! Your vote and your voice matters.

OpenStreetMap US board elections will be happening on the heels of the US Presidential elections the week of November 28th. We invite you to learn about the OpenStreetMap US election process at a virtual town hall on November 7th 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific.

You can watch it live via YouTube and participate via Google Hangouts. Please feel free to ask questions ahead of time by emailing and do your play-by-play commentary on Twitter @openstreetmapus or on the #osm-us OFTC channel on IRC.

Want to vote? Want to run? Want to contribute?

Become a member! All OpenStreetMap US members by November 27th will be eligible to run for a board position and – just as important – to vote! Consider becoming a member of OpenStreetMap US to help grow the impact of our work. If you aren’t a member, sign-up! Not sure of your membership status? Email us at Your voice and your vote matters.

Run for the election

It’s not too late! Consider running for OpenStreetMap US. Add your name on the list with a position statement. It’s even open to last minute descions. You can announce your candidacy until November 27th.

More info

OpenStreetMap US Board

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a five-seat Board of Directors, elected by our membership.