OpenStreetMap US

It’s 2017. Happy New Year from OpenStreetMap US! A time for new beginnings and new mapping energy! How about we kick the new year off with a mapping project?

Here’s board member Martijn van Exel with an idea:

I am what some people call a ‘laptop nomad’. I don’t have an office that I go to every day. Instead I work from home and a variety of coffee shops. This sounds fun to people who do make their way to the same workplace everyday, but I can tell you that there are drawbacks too. It’s tough to separate home from work because it’s often the same place. It can be hard to motivate yourself if you are alone or you are the only one working.. And it’s just nice to have people around you! So I started to look for a coworking space!

my new desk

Martijn’s new desk

A coworking space is basically an office for people with the same need: a place to call their office. They are everywhere now. Some are great local initiatives, but there are also bigger organizations like Impact Hub and WeWork that have lots of offices all over the world. I found a great space in my home town of Salt Lake City called Work Hive. I love it already! I had to search the internet quite a bit to discover my local options though. Wouldn’t it be great if people looking for a coworking space could easily find them all on OSM?

Let’s make it easy for everyone to find a coworking space near them using OSM! Here is your assignment:

Use the internet to find coworking spaces near you and add them to OSM using the office=coworking tag.

Tag your changeset with #osmusmapping so we can generate some nice stats later!

Happy mapping!