OpenStreetMap US

Can you feel spring in the air? Perhaps that means you are eager to get out and explore the great outdoors. Or perhaps you are just bristling with energy and eager to do something new! Whatever your spring sentiment, OSM US is giving you an opportunity to channel it and do some mappy good. It is time to announce our annual series of Mapathons!

Mapathons are casual gatherings of folks who want to improve OSM together, or learn how to. Whether you want to meet fellow local mappers or just want to get some mapping done, the Mapathons are sure worth attending. Find out where Mapathons happen on the OSM wiki:

No Mapathon in your area yet? Consider organizing one! There is some more information about that on the wiki as well. And OSM US is here to help. We can provide connections, tips and even a small grant to cover space, food and drink.

See you at a Mapathon near you!