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The OpenStreetMap US Board is newly elected every year, and our latest elections will be held soon. If you have ever considered being on the OpenStreetMap US board, now is the time to make those dreams a reality!

This election is a bit late, due to the board focusing our attention on hiring an executive director, but we’re looking forward to get new voices onto the board.

Consider Running

2018 will be an exciting year as we transition to having our first full time staff member. Being on the board means you get to shape the future of OpenStreetMap US. This includes:

  • Planning the State of the Map US conference
  • Helping to hire our first executive director
  • Supporting the mapping community through mailing lists and chat rooms
  • Making a difference at the local, national, and international levels

If you care about the future of OpenStreetMap and its community in the United States, please consider running! All five positions will be on the ballot. All that is technically required is to be a current membership of OpenStreetMap US, and putting your name in the hat.

Besides hiring an executive director, the agenda for 2018 also includes establishing OSM US as an official Local Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, expanding membership, and redesiging the website. With freshly renewed focus, we can facilitate our interactions with other organizations, academics, government, and private companies.

An ideal candidate will have a excellent skills in communication, collaboration, and planning. Technical skills are not required.

We are looking forward to seeing new faces and hearing new voices on the OpenStreetMap US board! We welcome a new, fresh and respectful election season. Become a member to be part of it.

Town Halls

We’ll be hosting 2 town halls over video chat. On Friday January 19th 11 AM PST (2PM EST) the board will explain what it’s like to be on the board. On Saturday January 27th 11 AM PST (2PM EST) and on Tuesday January 30th 6 PM PST (9PM EST) candidates can pitch their platform in a recorded video discussion. Nominations close on February 1st.


(Please note that we added one more week to the nomination deadline. See our blog post with updated information.)

The election will start on February 4th 11th and end on February 11th 18th. This year based on popular request we’re excited to announce that we’ll be using Ranked Choice Voting. To be permitted to vote please make sure your OpenStreetMap US membership is in good standing by February 18th.

More info

OpenStreetMap US Board

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a five-seat Board of Directors, elected by our membership.