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The OpenStreetMap US board elections have completed! As an election observer, I was tasked with making sure the elections were impartial and not unduly influenced. I’m happy to announce that the new OpenStreetMap US board is (in alphabetical order):

  • Jonah Adkins
  • Maggie Cawley
  • Ian Dees
  • Bryan Housel
  • Alyssa Wright

I’m happy to say that the board used Single Transferable Vote for the first time, and the new system worked smoothly. Single Transferable Vote is a form of proportional representation that better represents the diversity of views in the electorate, and gives every voter a chance to have an impact on the results of the election.

Under STV, voters rank the candidates in order of preference, and votes are counted in a series of rounds that simulate a number of runoff elections one after another. To see the complete tally of each round of voting, and the final results, see the archived results page and archived text results.

Congratulations to the new board, and thanks to everyone who ran and to those who served on the board in the previous year. Here’s to another excellent year of OpenStreetMap US, and good luck to the new board members.

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OpenStreetMap US Board

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a five-seat Board of Directors, elected by our membership.