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OpenStreetMap US is excited to announce that after much deliberation we have assembled a hiring committee! We want to thank you all for your feedback and support. We are deeply grateful to all of you who have both affirmed the overall hiring process and in particular those who have offered to serve in hiring committee roles.

We were honestly a bit overwhelmed by the response, and spent substantial time identifying two community members to join the committee. Ultimately we focused on creating a balanced group of OpenStreetMap US community members that we feel best represents perspectives and experiences of this diverse community. Factors considered included background, interaction and involvement with OpenStreetMap (and OpenStreetMap US), and availability. We are excited to have a group of five OpenStreetMap enthusiasts from different realms and regions of our community, including commercial, open-source, non-profit, community, and government. Without further ado, the hiring committee members are:

  • Kevin Bullock - Denver, CO
  • Bibiana McHugh - Portland, OR
  • Ian Dees, OSM US Board - Minneapolis, MN
  • Maggie Cawley / Seth Fitzsimmons, OSM US Board (shared for scheduling reasons) - Baltimore, MD / Bend, OR
  • Allen Gunn (“Gunner”), Aspiration - San Francisco, CA

We have chosen Gunner to be the main facilitator of the process, as he has been advising on this process for the past few months. His many years of experience will support the committee and help us maintain momentum and transparency through the hire, with a focus on working as collaboratively and openly with all of you as possible.

As current board elections are ongoing, the makeup of the new board will not be known until 2/18. At that point, the new board will revisit their representation on the hiring committee.

In the interest of additional transparency, we are inviting community members to be committee observers to participate at various points in the hiring process–to help review applications and interview candidates, among other things.

In the coming days and weeks we will:

Publish an overview of the process as well as our projected timeline Share a job description for you to offer feedback on and send to your networks once we have a stable draft Keep you posted about progress and new developments

We will work to ensure that all interested parties will have a role in the process, and invite participation from the community along the way. As always, we welcome dialog, questions, and feedback at every point along this path.

We are excited about the forward momentum we are seeing in collectively moving OpenStreetMap US to a stronger place from which to realize our mission. Thank you for being a part of this incredible community!

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