OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US is excited to announce that nominations to the Board are now open!

If you care about the future of OpenStreetMap and its community in the United States, please consider running! 2020 will be an exciting year! Being on the board means you get to help shape the future of OpenStreetMap US. This includes:

  • Planning the State of the Map US conference
  • Supporting our Executive Director
  • Supporting the mapping community through mailing lists and chat rooms
  • Making a difference at the local, national, and international levels
  • Facilitating our interactions with other organizations, academics, government, and private companies.

We are looking forward to seeing new faces and hearing new voices on the OpenStreetMap US board! We welcome a new, fresh and respectful election season.


  • Absolutely have a passion for OpenStreetMap and it’s community.
  • Be a current member of OpenStreetMap US Join Here!

Nomination Instructions

Nominations will be open until Sunday January 26, 2020. To nominate yourself, please go to the election wiki page, and add yourself to the list. You can also see more information about the schedule and process there. You’re welcome to nominate yourself or that special someone who exudes love for OpenStreetMap.

Town Halls

We’ll be hosting 4 town halls over video chat.

Monday, January 13th 4PM PST (7PM EST) and Monday, January 20th 5:30PM PST (8:30PM EST) the board will be available to answer questions about their experience on the board.

Wednesday, January 29th 10 AM PST (1PM EST) and on Saturday February 1, 12 PM PST (3PM EST) candidates can answer questions from community.

In addition, members will be able to post questions on the Wiki to candidates up until Thursday January 30th at midnight EST.


The election will start on Monday February 3rd and end on Sunday February 9th. This year we’ll continue to use Ranked Choice Voting which will be confirmed by community member Alan McConchie. To be permitted to vote please make sure your OpenStreetMap US membership is in good standing by January 31st. We will announce the new board mid February.

Bylaws Amendment

This year, in addition to the elections, members will vote on an amendment to the OpenStreetMap US Bylaws.

This amendment would extend the board term to 2 years instead of 1 and introduce staggered terms of service. This change is being proposed for the following reasons:

  • Establishing term limits and staggered terms provides a better balance and continuity of board members.
  • Term limits also give boards the chance to give those hard working board members a mandatory ‘vacation’
  • Two-year terms give board members more time to grow into their roles, leading to longer institutional memory and continuity of leadership.

Amendments to the Bylaws require approval by two-thirds (⅔) majority vote of a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of all members in good standing having voted so please vote!

Questions? Join the #elections channel on OSM US Slack, tweet us, or email us anytime.

More info

OpenStreetMap US Board

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a five-seat Board of Directors, elected by our membership.