OpenStreetMap US

Thank you craigslist Charitable Fund! OpenStreetMap US is thrilled to announce a generous donation of $80,000 from the craigslist Charitable Fund. For five years craigslist has invested in the mission of OpenStreetMap US, providing sustaining and critical support that is vital to the organization, especially in light of the economic impact of the pandemic. We are deeply grateful for the generous funds, which will be used to further support and advocate for OpenStreetMap in the United States through our events and programs.

craigslist Charitable Fund provides millions of dollars each year to hundreds of important organizations in areas such as environment and transportation, education, justice, non-violence, and open source. OpenStreetMap US is proud to share the open source area of interest with other venerable organizations including Wikimedia, Perl Foundation, Free Software Foundation, and Open Source Initiative.

Thank you craigslist!