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Please join me in welcoming Quincy Morgan to the OpenStreetMap US team! Quincy is supporting OpenStreetMap US on a part-time basis to expand the impact of our organization and programs through improved engineering and technical solutions. Quincy will be collaborating with the mapping community to understand and identify ways we can support you all so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Much like the rest of the team, Quincy has a diverse background that includes forest research in Idaho, studies in geography, and indie app development. He has extensive first-hand travel experience in the US, most recently completing an eight-week, thirty-three-state road trip from his home in Philadelphia to the State of the Map US conference in Tucson.

Quincy previously supported the global OpenStreetMap community as a maintainer of the open source iD Editor. In that role he helped build long-requested features such as data validation, multiselect editing, and touchscreen support, as well as improved accessibility and localization. He also worked with mappers, code contributors, and other stakeholders to foster a welcoming, productive community around the project.

When not at his desk, you can find Quincy exploring the nearest park, train station, mountain, museum, used book shop, or whatever the next spot on the map may be.

Welcome Quincy!

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