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We are excited to announce that MapRoulette is now part of the growing network of Charter Projects supported by OpenStreetMap US. MapRoulette is an open, collaborative and cooperative microtasking platform for improving map data that empowers users to contribute impactful edits to the map.

An open source project, MapRoulette has become a critical tool for microtasking in OpenStreetMap, used and known throughout the ecosystem. For example, MapRoulette plays a vital role in improving map data for rail transportation safety in the United States, as recently recognized by the US National Transportation Safety Board. In the US and around the globe, MapRoulette serves the mapping community as a user-friendly tool for systematic improvement of completeness, quality and accuracy of map data. Mappers from over 70 countries review more than 40,000 tasks a month. More than 330,000 changesets in 2022 alone can be directly attributed to MapRoulette.

From the MapRoulette advisory board: 

“Gaining Charter Project status will solidify and formalize MapRoulette’s position as a critical piece of OpenStreetMap QA infrastructure. Corporate users already see MapRoulette as a critical tool in their QA and want to support it, but it has proven challenging to harness this energy and align the requirements of corporate users with those of the volunteer OSM community. By becoming a Charter project, we hope to be able to better serve the entire OSM community.”

OpenStreetMap US looks forward to supporting MapRoulette in building a sustainable foundation for the project that includes both corporate and volunteer community members. MapRoulette joins other fantastic projects in our Charter Project program: OpenHistoricalMap and OSMCha. With this addition of MapRoulette, we are excited to see what possibilities lay ahead by creating opportunities for collaboration between these projects and their contributors. Learn more information on the OpenStreetMap US Charter Projects Program.

Get involved

Interested in joining the conversation and supporting MapRoulette? 

And of course you can head straight over to MapRoulette and pick up a task to help improve OpenStreetMap! We recommend checking out projects active in the US right now such as mapping schools in California for beginners or validating Sq__ name changes for more advanced users.

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MapRoulette breaks up OpenStreetMap work into snack-sized “challenges.” Earn points by fixing validation issues, turning nodes into areas, adding missing tags, and through countless other little tasks that contribute to a healthier map.

Charter Projects

Our Charter Project program provides a long-term home for notable OpenStreetMap tools, programs, and services. We provide projects with a stable legal and fiscal framework, so developers and organizers can focus on what they do best: building things.