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The OpenStreetMap US team is excited that Mapbox is now an organizational member of OpenStreetMap US! A leading real-time location platform for developers and location-aware businesses, Mapbox equips organizations with the full set of tools to power the navigation of people, packages, and vehicles everywhere. Organizations use Mapbox applications, data, SDKs and APIs to create customized and immersive experiences that delight their audiences. Welcome, Mapbox!

As you may know, OpenStreetMap US expanded membership to include non-voting, organizational memberships for companies, educational institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies. This membership format, inspired by other organizational models in the OSM ecosystem like the OpenStreetMap Foundation, provides an avenue for US organizations to give back to the growing OpenStreetMap community.

“The origins of Mapbox are intertwined with OpenStreetMap and the communities around it. We’re honored to formalize our ongoing relationship as a supporting organizational member of OpenStreetMap US, our ‘home’ chapter, and we look forward to ongoing collaboration across the entire OSM ecosystem including our support to State of the Map conferences, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and the OpenStreetMap Foundation.”

-Marena Smith, Social Impact Manager, Mapbox

Is your company or organization interested in learning more about OpenStreetMap US organizational membership? We offer five tiers of membership to accommodate different levels of investment. Membership benefits include networking events, educational opportunities, discounts on event sponsorship including our State of the Map US conference, and more! Get all the details in our membership guide.

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