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We are delighted to share that Senzing has joined forces with the OpenStreetMap US as our first associate organizational member. Senzing is a leading provider of advanced, real‐time entity resolution software. The Senzing API is a fast and easy way for organizations to integrate highly accurate, flexible, and scalable data matching and relationship detection capabilities into applications and services.

“Senzing is excited to be part of the OpenStreetMap US community! OpenStreetMap users are already leveraging address data to better understand opportunity and risk. Senzing entity resolution can help any OpenStreetMap user who wants to gain more insights from matching additional fuzzy name, address, and other data attributes.”

-Jeff Jonas, CEO and Founder of Senzing

OSM US organizational memberships are available for companies, educational institutions, nonprofits and government agencies seeking an avenue to effectively give back and support the growth of our community. We offer a variety of benefits to our members including invitation to our virtual brown bag events, which provide training or a technical demonstration at least twice a year.

Our first brown bag event is Thursday, November 9, 2023 from noon to 1 pm ET. During this lunch and learn virtual event, we will showcase our Trails Stewardship Initiative with a deep dive and demo on improving trails in OpenStreetMap. To celebrate our first event of its kind, invitation will be open to all organizational and individual members. Future brown bag events will be limited to professional & donor individual members and organizational members (Associate-level and above) of OpenStreetMap US.

Interested in attending future brown bag events? Click here to sign up or upgrade your existing membership to an individual professional or donor membership. Would you like to attend brown bag events with your colleagues and coworkers? Organizational members (Associate level and above) can invite an unlimited number of employees and staff to brown bag events. Learn more here.

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