OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US and GISCorps are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize our collaboration in creating meaningful volunteer opportunities for geospatial professionals and improving OpenStreetMap across a range of causes from disaster response to social justice.

Operating under the auspices of URISA, GISCorps coordinates short-term, volunteer-based GIS services to communities in need worldwide on the ground and virtually. GISCorps has been at the forefront of connecting GIS professionals with non-profit organizations in need of mapping and spatial analysis expertise for humanitarian projects around the world. To date, over 9,000 volunteers have joined GISCorps to provide critical geospatial services to nonprofits globally. Many GISCorps volunteers already have a history of working to support OpenStreetMap initiatives, and this MOU expands the opportunities for volunteers to contribute their valuable time to tasks in the United States.

Together, OpenStreetMap US and GISCorps can amplify our efforts to create accessible and accurate geospatial data that make a positive impact. This partnership with GISCorps is a significant step forward in fostering collaboration within the geospatial community. For more information on GISCorps and to find OpenStreetMap US projects available to GISCorps Volunteers (coming soon!), visit their website.

About GISCorps

GISCorps, a program of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), connects GIS professionals with nonprofit organizations in need of their mapping and analysis skills. Since its inception in 2003, GISCorps has contributed to numerous projects worldwide.

About OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is advancing the democratization of geospatial data by catalyzing collaborative action around OpenStreetMap between individuals, government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and academia. Through our grassroots initiatives and community-based programs, we create pathways for all individuals to access and improve OpenStreetMap as it increasingly becomes the source that decision-makers and corporations use to positively impact our lives.